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Eva Gertz was born in Boston, MA to a mosaicist and interior-designing mother, and a jazz bassist and music-teaching father. As a high-schooler, all creative classes, aka electives, were scheduled at the same hour. Instead of choosing art or music class, she made a deal with her high school principal: so long as she upheld good grades, half of the week she could attend chorus, where she valued her role as piano accompanist, and the other half of the week she could attend art class, where her longing to create things with her hands was fulfilled. Currently, she's always incorporating visual art with her music, whether through her dance-filled self-edited music videos, watercolor album art, or handmade merch.

With a bachelor’s degree from Berklee College of Music (major: Contemporary Writing and Production, minor: Conducting), Gertz demonstrates some impressive composition and arranging chops both within her original songs and the music of others. She arranged music for visiting artists at Berklee, such as film composer A.R. Rahman, Peruvian singer Susana Baca, and Spanish singer-songwriter Julio Iglesias. As a singer-songwriter herself, she released her debut album in 2018, much influenced by her revered folk/jazz artists, Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon.

Beginning in 2018, Gertz took on a residency onboard Holland America Cruise Lines in Alaska, entertaining guests nightly as part of a dueling pianos act called Billboard Onboard. With well over 500 popular cover songs under her belt, she now frequently gigs as a "one-woman-band" for private events and wedding entertainment. Visit the contact tab to inquire about her entertaining your next party!

In the year of 2021, Gertz left her 5-year home of Brooklyn, NY to take a solo road trip across the country with the admirable intent to bond with her inner child. The trip lasted 5 months, and turned over a highly joyous original song and music video "Little Know It All," celebrating the message of self love and trust. Gertz currently resides in Boston as an assistant professor at Berklee College of Music and continues to write and direct music with her unwavering creative vision. She passionately teaches a wide array of private students, and frequently performs either original music or entertains at piano bars. In her free time she enjoys photography, painting, and poetry, and The Artist's Way.

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